2015 Reading Log

I started listening to audiobooks this year, which meant that I could read in the most uncomfortable situations! Walking around the city! Commuting on the BART! Going on a run! I’ve also been sewing a lot this year, and came home almost every night to sew and read with a giant mug of tea. While I didn’t read significantly more books this year than last (33 v. 27), the length of the books I read increased, and I started reading more nonfiction.

I also read a ton of space operas this year. :D

For a prettier view, Goodreads has a great year in review.

Favorites (in approximate order)

  1. Emperor of All Maladies✨, Siddhartha Mukherjee
    • A very well-written book that explains the intricate mechanics of cancer in a really approachable way. I can’t recommend this enough.
  2. Sisters of the Revolution
    • An anthology of feminist science fiction. It was disturbing and heart-warming and provocative in all the right ways. This was way too intense to read continuously.
  3. The Dispossessed✨, Ursula Le Guin
    • I loved this book. It’s currently my go-to explanation for why I love science fiction – it enables you to set up a universe where you can explore fun concepts for the length of the novel. Working at a mostly structureless startup transitioning to a proper organization, the pitfalls of structurelessness are eerily familiar.
  4. The Death and Life of Great American Cities✨, Jane Jacobs
    • So delightful! This resonates really well, and many of Jacobs’ complaints still hold true. She rails against large “superblocks” and praises mixed-use neighborhoods.
  5. Embassytown✨, China Miéville
    • Like most of China Miéville’s books, the ideas he explores stick with me for a very long time. Unlike most of China Miéville’s books, I really enjoyed the characters and the plot in this book. Where City and the City is a good metaphor for the world we live in, Embassytown is a good metaphor for languages. This is kind of the “Darmok & Jalad” idea, but at novel-lengths.
  6. House of Suns✨, Alastair Reynolds
    • This was a fantastic space opera, with really fun characters and a great world! The basic conceit is a deep-space chase scene that takes place over millenia, by a society of clones enmeshed in a conspiracy involving conscious robots. FUN.

And everything else! These were really good, too.

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